World Teachers Day to be observed on Oct 5


ISLAMABAD: World Teachers Day will be observed across the globe, including Pakistan, on October 5 (today) to commemorate the work of teachers and their contributions to society.

The day is aimed at mobilising support for teachers and to ensure that the educational and spiritual need of future generations would continue to be met by dedicated teachers.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) the World Teachers Day is celebrated to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation for the vital contribution that teachers have made to education and human development through the centuries.

The day was first held on October 5, 1994, and the event had been held on the same day ever since. While the day mainly recognises the contributions of teachers, it also invites children and adults to learn from this initiative and contribute positively to the local and global societies.

Different events would be arranged in many countries of the world on or around October 5. These include celebrations to honour teachers in general or those who have made a special contribution to a particular community.

The day would also be marked by conferences extra training sessions for teachers, recruitment drives for the teaching profession among university students or other suitably qualified professionals, and events to increase the profile of teachers and the role they play in the media.

Moreover, international organisations such as Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and Education International are also known to organise large events to commemorate this particular day.

In other areas of the world relevant posters are also displayed in public places and students are encouraged to send e-cards or letters of appreciation to teachers who made a special or memorable contribution to their development.