NACTA coordinating with provinces to curb terrorism


ISLAMABAD: A spokesperson of Interior Ministry has said that National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) is coordinating with the provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir to wipe out terrorists from the country.

The spokesperson said that the federal government departments and law enforcement agencies are making concerted efforts to curb the terrorist activities, adding that the provincial governments are responsible for implementation of the National Action Plan.

He said that Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are no exceptions and their relevant departments and LEAs are working exactly in the same manner as other provinces and taking necessary steps to implement different components of National Action Plan.

Meanwhile, according to figures of NACTA, a surge in terrorism have decreased over the years as seven hundred eighty-five incidents occurred in 2016 and four hundred twenty-six incidents so far this year.

Because of success in Karachi operation, target killings came down by ninety-seven per cent, terrorism incidents were reduced by ninety-eight per cent and robberies were down by fifty-two per cent. Over thirty-three thousand weapons were also recovered.



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