Pak still dealing with ‘80s US policies & continental drift causing sub-continent to collide with Eurasia 55 million years ago: Asif


Urging the international community to cut Pakistan some slack, Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif said that the country was still dealing with the repercussions of certain policies and events that were not its doing.

“We are still suffering the aftermath of the effects of the 40 year old policies of the United States during the Soviet-Afghan jihad,” he said, speaking to diplomats at the UN in New York. “We should also not forget the effects of the collision of the Greater India island with the Eurasian plate 55 million years ago.”

“The effects of the latter are still felt till this very day, because the Himalayas and Arakanese ranges that were formed as a result of said collision, are still rising till this very day,” he said. “And it has placed us in a hostile, geostrategically important position.”

“Yes, we understand the concerns of the international community, but we should be given ample time to deal with ultimately destructive policies of the United States and the laws of geophysics,” he added. “55 million and 40 years are too soon.”