Nouman Ali Khan to lead far-right political coalition as nation urged to make dua for hot fantasy



RAWALPINDI – The nation has been urged to make dua for the hot fantasy as Nouman Ali Khan becomes the latest Islamist entity to announce his participation in the 2018 elections, The Dependent has learnt.

Nouman Ali Khan’s decision, made on his behalf like other likeminded political groups of his, comes after Pakistan Ulema Council had become the latest religious organisation to announce that it will be contesting the elections, and days after Khan had coined the would be Islamist coalition’s manifesto in a leaked WhatsApp conversation.

Nouman Ali Khan, who has been approved by the Election Commission of Pakistan both as a candidate and a party, owing to his unique duplicity, now joins MML and TLY as the newest Islamist political entity in line for 2018.

However, sources close to all these Islamist parties confirmed that the organisers of the religious groups have decided to make NAK the leader of the coalition.

“It is a combination of both the fact that he coined the manifesto, motto and tagline of the coalition – make dua my hot fantasy – and the fact that he has support in the US,” a senior leader of the would be coalition confirmed.

“So even though he is a different kind of band than us, US won’t ask him to be banned,” the leader confirmed.

“In this regard the nation is requested to make dua for the hot fantasy that we see, but more importantly that is seen on our behalf as well,” said another leader of the coalition that is expected to be formalised soon.