Shortage of train coaches irks passengers


LAHORE: Passengers protested against the low number of train coaches at the Lahore-Narowal route, especially during the coming holidays of Ashura, Muharram-ul-Haram.

Several passengers, who travel by train on daily basis, demanded that trains should consist of approved number of bogies as already passengers had been facing shortage of trains due to closure of some trains seven years ago.

Talking to APP on Thursday, Naveed Ahmed, a daily traveller, said that the trains were running with only four or five coaches at the section, creating trouble for passengers especially women and children.

He said more coaches should be added as the railway services were improving.

Nasir Bhatti, another passenger and businessman, said that the shortage of coaches had been creating problems for passengers, adding that in some areas, trains were the only means of available transportation.

He said that the capacity of a coach is only 88 passengers and that the whole train capacity stands at 350 people. He stated that despite lack of space, some 2,000 passengers travelled by each train run on Lahore-Narowal-Sialkot section.

Passengers demanded that at least seven to eight bogies should be attached to a passenger train, while nine to 10 coaches should be attached with Lasani Express train so that passengers, including women and children, could travel comfortably.