An insight into Shaan’s ‘Arth – The Destination’


For a long time, there has been a great hype of the film: Arth – The Destination, for the fact that not only is it a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth but also a Romantic Musical that Pakistani audience has long been waiting for.

Recently, Humaima Malick and Shaan Shahid gave the eager audience an insight into his film Arth – The Destination. In the video, Shaan talked about the characters in the film, the gist of it, and then continued to passionately speak of the motivation behind this film.

With anticipation high around the movie, Humaima and Shaan give some insights into what the film will offer to cinema lovers. “This film deals with the concept of ‘decisions’ and their powerful role in an individual’s life and, eventually, it is these decisions that determine the destination, hence the phrase: Decisions determine Destination,” said Shaan Shahid for whom this film is very close to his heart having directed and writing the script as well. With Shaan praising Humaima’s character build up in the movie she adds, “without the remarkable efforts put in the movie by Shaan Shahid and Hammad, I or other artists would have never been able to do justice to the characters, much less the movie itself.”

Arth – The Destination also talks about those steps that lead an individual to his/her destination. Shaan does not reveal the decisions or destination that the characters in the movie make or pursue, but speaking so intently of the topic in the video, the movie exhibits life-changing moments in its characters’ lives – moments that determine the destination of these characters.

Filled with goosebumps-inducing moments, Arth – The Destination is also a romantic movie that Shaan admits to having made after many, many years. It “defines” and explains to an ordinary man the destinations of his life.

Another interesting aspect Shaan speaks of to have touched in the film is the exploration of the perspectives of two different women; one of which is the intriguing character of Humaima that unfolds a story of her own, for which Shaan had to go against the pattern of his job and let the story loose free, and unfold in its own natural outlook, that it demanded in that moment.

In the video released, both Shaan and Humaima have taken a deeper dive into the film that had previously been only depicted through its highly intriguing posters. Shaan further goes on to admire the powerful flavour that Humaima lent to her character – a character that is a woman who flips through multiple phases of her life and in doing so provides the audience with a unique worldview.