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Longstanding power cut in Aziz Bhatti Town halts work

LAHORE: Lahore’s Aziz Bhatti zone has been deprived of electricity for the past 1.5 month. Offices have been shut down and staff workers have not been productive as well. Despite adding millions in the provincial exchequer, officials and workers of the zone have been sitting in the heat without fan or AC.

According to sources, in the Aziz Bhatti zone, more than 70 workers including officials have been unable to work due to lack of power supply. The transformer for the area has not been replaced as well, even though Deputy Chief Officer Mohammad Bakhsh Ansari had forwarded a request to Metropolitan Corporation deputy chief officer to approve Rs 150,000 for the transformer. Due to the negligence of the chief officer and lord mayor, no action has been taken in this regard so far.

Seeking annonmity, officers of the Aziz Bhatti zone said that no solid measures have been taken so far despite the passing of 1.5 months and their repeated requests to high officials. They said that a lot of the staff does not come to work due to the immense heat in the offices and added that a town that generates millions in revenue should not be neglected as such. But since there is no electricity, please don’t have any expectations, they said.

An attempt was made to reach Lahore Lord Mayer Col (retd) Mubashir Javaid but it was unsuccessful.

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