‘Contacts with anti-state spies’: IHC accepts plea in IB officials’ case hearing


IB officer wants ISI to investigate the case 

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has accepted the plea, seeking hearing of the petition on alleged contacts of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) officers and subordinate employees with the anti-state foreign intelligence agencies in chamber and has referred back the petition to the chief justice of the IHC for sending it to senior most judge of the court.

A single member bench of IHC comprising Justice Amir Farooque took up the case for hearing on Monday.

During the course of the hearing, the petitioner, a junior officer of the IB along with his counsel Barrister Masroor Shah appeared before the court requested it to conduct hearing the chamber on the pretext of matter’s sensitivity.

The IB officer had made revelations about a nexus between the several IB officers and subordinate staff members with the anti-state intelligence agencies, besides challenging the matter in the court.

IB Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Malik Mukhtar Ahmad Shahzad filed a petition in the IHC, taking the plea that certain officers and subordinate staff members of the IB have forged links with the secret agencies of Syria, Iran, India, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan, and solid evidence are available against them in this regard. However, authorities are hampering the action against them.

The petitioner said he joined the IB in 2007 and he has conducted investigation in his assignment against several such IB employees who were involved in the so-called business of oranges in the areas of Sargodha, Kot Momin and Bhalwal, and added that the agents of these secret agencies are continuously staying with these IB employees in the guise of businessmen.

The petitioner accused several IB employees of working for Iran, Syria and Afghanistan, saying that their travel history was also available.

Through petition, details of those Pakistanis who received training in Iran and payments of millions of rupees made to them through Iranian bank Al-Nasar were also provided.

The petitioner asked the court investigate the matter against these IB personnel through ISI and take action against those found responsible.

The prime minister of Pakistan and Pakistani state and the Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) have been made respondents in the petition.



  1. This can be true as IB Pakistan is least funded, gone unchecked & consists of corrupt officers. Government must open its eyes and allow ISI to conduct an audit of IB. Traitor must be removed & must be in the jail.

  2. That is shame for Pakistan Military Intelligence. They should step up to terminate such actors throughout the country to make a statement that such actions are not acceptable by any medium. This is about the sovereignty and security of Pakistan. You have to give credit to India, they killed most of such actors in 80s and 90s and now they are way ahead of us and we have not even started.

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