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Journalist Matiullah Jan’s vehicle attacked in federal capital

In a regrettable incident, journalist Matiullah Jan’s vehicle was attacked with a brick near Bhara Kahu on Sunday.

Police sources told Geo News that two unidentified men on a motorcycle threw a brick at the journalist’s car and fled away.

Police also said that Matiullah’s children were inside the car at the time of the attack.

Following the incident, the journalist also shared a post on social media of the car with a broken windscreen, writing, “Brick attack on my car by two motorcyclists in Barakahu who sped away.”

Matiullah, talking to Pakistan Today, said, “My children were in the back seat, while I was driving the car around Shahpur when the incident happened. From the front side, the car was attacked by a person on a motorbike as he threw a brick-like piece of concrete at the vehicle.”

Thankfully, he added, “The windshield of the car protected me from a serious incident.”

The journalist revealed this was the second time he had been attacked by unknown men.

In the past, he revealed that a similar incident happened when he was covering a story for an English daily. “Journalist Aizaz Sayyid and I were working on a story and both of our vehicles were attacked then,” he said.

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