Artificial price hike not tolerable at any cost: Shehbaz Sharif


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday, after taking notice of news regarding price hike of some vegetables, has issued necessary instructions regarding price control.

The CM, who is currently in London, directed the Provincial Cabinet Committee for Price Control to take immediate steps to provide the public with vegetables at the appropriate price.

He also instructed the concerned departments to take necessary initiatives and play an active and vibrant role to bring stability in prices. He ordered the Price Control magistrates to keep a watchful eye at prices and take strict action indiscriminately against profiteers and those who cause artificial inflammation.

Cabinet Committee should visits markets and bazaars itself to review prices and make sure that there isn’t any compromise on quality as well, he added.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the people can’t be left at the mercy of the offender’s profits. “I will not let the illegal profiteers and hoarders to exploit the masses”, he said.


Meanwhile, the CM, while paying tribute to martyred Lieutenant Arslan Alam, said that those who are sacrificing their today for nation’s tomorrow are our pride; their sacrifices can never be overlooked. He said that Lieutenant Arslan Alam has embraced martyrdom while fighting bravely against terrorists and has laid his life for the tranquility of country. We all are proud of the sacrifices made by such brave heroes as courageous officers and soldiers of armed forces have given their valuable lives for the peace of the country, he added. He said that there is no example of such sacrifices in the war against terrorism in international community.