Top university makes internship with banned outfits mandatory for political science majors



LAHORE – A top Pakistani university, that wishes its name to be concealed till the details of the development are finalised, has decided to make it mandatory for bachelors’ students majoring in political science to intern with banned terrorist groups, reliable sources have informed The Dependent.

While no minimum time limit for the internship has been set, the sole requirement for the new 2017-2020 batch is “working experience with a terrorist organisation banned by the Pakistani state, which must involve learning both militant and political skillsets,” according to the print out yet to be disposed to the students, which is available exclusively with The Dependent.

A senior curriculum designer told this scribe that teachers will be instructed to carry out the basic level of military training needed for these students to be accepted in jihadist groups.

“We will be setting up laboratories where the militant skills of our political science students will be groomed,” a senior university official revealed. “While the theory will be updated to include courses on the mainstreaming of jihadists into Pakistani politics, the practical test itself would deal with both carrying out militancy oneself, and depicting the nous needed to possess strategic value.”

According to reports, the new course would be introduced immediately after Ashura break, with analysts saying that other universities are expected to catch up as well.