‘Goal setting in professional life key for doctors’


KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences’ (DUHS) National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology on Wednesday organised a seminar on “Value of wellbeing and goal setting in a professional’s life” at DUHS Ojha Campus.

Renowned writer Qasim Ali Shah was invited as guest speaker to the seminar. Vice Chancellor (VC) Professor Mohammad Saeed Qureshi, Pro-VC Professor Khawar Saeed Jamali, Pro-VC Professor Mohammad Masroor, NIDE Director Professor Akhtar Baloch and other senior faculty members and students attended the seminar.

Qasim Shah informed that he had already given 1,400 lectures to doctors on this topic. Most of the doctors do not have known about any other thing except their profession, he said, adding we have time for everything in life except our own self.

“We have got much success in our life while we are still unhappy and trying to get it. There are many people in the world who always worry about future and all the time thinking about it,” he said, and added that “if you need to identify problems of other peoples of society, you would be grateful and your behaviour would be your gratitude.”

“You have to love people around you, forgive their mistakes, learn knowledge about rather than your profession, help others in terms of professional and as well as other scenarios, do not backbite, perform your responsibility with honesty and dedication, do not practice ego even if you are guilty and accept your mistake,” he said, further advising to avoid useless things in mind.

“This will really help you to get peace and happiness in your life. You need people to celebrate your success and happiness, so you should make some friends as well,” said the motivational speaker.

He also stated that a person should provide services to other people to help them, irrespective of the fact that these services were professional or not. “Perform your responsibilities with dedication and honesty,” he said, adding that doctors should spend time with family and friends and should spare more time for themselves.

Later, DUHS VC Professor Saeed Qureshi thanked the speaker for sharing his personal experience and precious time for the university. In the end, he presented certificate and bouquet to the guest speaker.