Petition filed to restore Nawaz Sharif



Raja Faisal

A petition has been filed at Supreme Court on Tuesday to restore former premier Nawaz Sharif. Petitioner, Shahid Orakzai was of the view that the verdict against Nawaz in Panama case has jolted the country creating total administration vacuum.

Orakzai filed petition under Article 184(3) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan seeking to restore the federal structure of the republic and the federal government as on July 27, 2017.

The petition claimed that the whole nation was “literally shocked” when a five-member bench of the Supreme Court abruptly disqualified its premier in utter disregard of Article 1 of the Constitution which insists Pakistan shall be federal republic. He further claimed that the court verdict had jolted the republic creating total administrative vacuum and had paralyzed the parliament.

The petitioner criticised the verdict that considered and treated Nawaz like “any other MNA” that was improper. Furthermore, former premier’s actions under oath should have been judged rather than his family’s affairs and business dealing. The petitioner also mentioned that Supreme Court’s major responsibility is to “preserve, protect and defend the federal structure”.

A Supreme Court source told Pakistan Today that Shahid Orakzai is a serial petitioner who is an attention seeker. “This is his routine; he files petitions every now and then to seek media attention. Mostly, his petitions carry no weight at all and he dramatises his petitions”, source added.