Pakistan greatly values relations with US: Tehmina Janjua




Foreign Affairs Secretary Tehmina Janjua met with the United States (US) Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon as she arrived in New York to attend the 72nd United Nations (UN) General Assembly session.

Janjua and Shannon held frank and cordial discussions and the foreign secretary conveyed Pakistan’s viewpoint on the new strategy. She emphasised that peace in Afghanistan was a high priority for Pakistan and stressed that intra-Afghan dialogue was vital to bring lasting peace to the country and the region.

“Pakistan would continue to play a facilitating role for a peaceful Afghanistan,” she said. Speaking about the Pakistan-US relations, the foreign secretary said that Pakistan had always given importance to relations with US. The foreign secretary conveyed Pakistan’s desire to further strengthen this relationship and base it on mutual trust and respect.

Recent statements by the US had evoked strong public reaction in Pakistan. However, both countries could work together to attain common objectives, such as defeating Daesh in Afghanistan. Both the sides agreed to remain engaged at all levels in the coming days. Pakistan’s Ambassador to US Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry also attended the meeting.


  1. We simply need to rediscover our faith in Islam. In one word, Lah has assured us “I am enough for you,” He is our Naula and there is no Maula with the Non-Believers.We have His Book for our Guidance and He has given us the “Key” to His Treasury.

  2. Hum saya Ma’n jaya…sooner or later #Pakistan has to have good working relations with it’s neighbors. One can change his/ her friends but not neighbors.Ever after 70 years of independence, we are worsening our relationship with immediate neighbors. Some one was enemy since our creation, one was little far but one who has recognized us very first day also getting away every day and the one who has not even recognized us became a big problem for us due to poor working relations with all. There should be a working groups-think tank kind of thing (consist of people, expert & ones who has access in those countries) individually with all four neighbors to meet monthly regularly for just to be close enough to avoid any possible trouble.

  3. Is this a climb down? Will Pakistan walk the talk on relations with USA. Already Pakistan is firmly in China’s lap. Pakistan will become more and more dependent on China and this isnt good for its own sake. Anytime you are dependent on one country, means you will be taken advantage of by that country.

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