LG secretary admonishes slow pace of work on water supply scheme


GILGIT: Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Local Government (LG) Secretary and Local Council Board Chairman Asifullah Khan here Tuesday inspected the development works on Jotiyal water supply scheme and admonished slow pace of work on the project, and directed to accelerate it without compromising on quality.

He ordered the staff and contractors of Lalak Jan Stadium and Jotiyal water supply scheme to complete the construction work within the stipulated period and warned that delay and negligence on part of officials would not be accepted. He further ordered for expediting work on Lalak Jan Stadium Dinowar Slaughter House.

He said that with the completion of Jotiyar scheme and Lalak Jan Stadium, people would get clean drinking water and quality sports facilities at their doorsteps. He added that provision of clean drinking water and sports facilities to youth was the top priority of the GB government and with the completion of the said projects masses would get relief.