More than 4172 acres of Railways land under illegal occupation


ISLAMABAD: More than 4172 acres of precious land of Pakistan Railways is being illegally occupied by private people, defence departments and other government institutions.

According to details laid in the National Assembly Friday, the maximum area of 3382 acres is under the encroachment of influential individuals, 251 acres is with the defence departments and more than 540 acres is being used by government departments.

Maximum encroachments on the railways land have been made in Punjab, spread over 2143 acres, followed by 1159 acres in Sindh, 619 acres in Balochistan and 250 acres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

As a result of concerted efforts by the Railways with the cooperation of police and district administrations, more than 3594 acres have been got vacated from the land grabbers and encroachers.