Sindh Government files final appeal at Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine for removal of Sindh IG



In a last ditch effort, the Sindh Government has filed one last appeal to try and wash their hands of Inspector General Sindh Police, Allah Dino Khawaja.

After repeated attempts to block AD Khawaja from completing his legally mandated three year term as the province’s top cop, the Government has this time decided to file an appeal at the shrine of Karachi’s top Sufi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi.

“We have been trying to take AD Khawaja out of the equation for some time now. Our appeals have fallen on deaf ears. Now we have taken the matter to an even higher body than the Supreme or provincial high courts” said a Sindh Government official addressing the media.”

“We are taking all the necessary procedural steps. A new chaddar has been put on the shrine, the grave has been washed by rose water and deghs of rice have been distributed.” added the official.

According to details available with ‘The Dependent,’ Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah himself conducted istikhara before it was decided that the appeals would be filed at the famous shrine.

“You see when I said that we are not disappointed by the court verdicts and all of our other attempts failing, it was because we knew this final avenue existed” CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah told media persons at a presser.

Meanwhile, AD Khawaja has said he will continue to serve the Sindh police despite any future obstacles placed in front of him

“Dude just let me complete these three years and then I’m out anyways. Holla at you later” said Khawaja when The Dependent asked what he thought was the best solution to this ongoing conflict, before he put on shades and sped away in his police pickup truck.