Pakistan’s rural areas in the dark



Recently in a series of tweets Abid Sher Ali, Minister of Water and Power, claimed that total demand of electricity across country is 19565 MW and generated 19600 MW and 0 shortfall recorded. The government claimed that there is no shortfall while the rural areas of Pakistan are still facing twelve to fifteen hours of load shedding.

Majority of backward and urban areas do not pay their bills and this culture is mainly found in KP and Balochistan. Government is completely silent and did not take any action against those who do not pay their bills. So government must pressurise those people in order to ensure full time energy.

There are too many electricity looters and thieves in this country who are using electricity through illegal ways. Kunda system also plays very crucial role in energy crises. In my own district this culture is very common and in many areas there are no electricity meters at all. Recently when I tried to register complaint against electricity thieves and I checked the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company bill in which there are different contact numbers of S.D.O, XEN and S.E. Unfortunately, when I called, I discovered some of them do not exist at all while some of them are just incorrect. If KP provincial government did not put correct numbers on bills than what can we say about action against electricity thieves?

So both provincial governments and federal must take strong action against those who did not pay their bills in time or using Kunda system. As a citizen, every citizen is morally and legally bound to pay all their taxes in order to bring an end to load shedding in Pakistan.


Lakki Marwat