Govt urged to compensate Awami Markaz fire victims


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) chief Munawar Iqbal on Wednesday demanded immediate support for the affectees of the Awami Markaz building fire incident.
In a statement, Munawar said the government must come forward to rescue the affected companies that were already struggling because of poor business conditions.
The Software Technology Park, also known as Awami Markaz in Islamabad, was burnt to ashes in the fire. The fire took two lives besides damaging the properties of IT companies situated in the building.
Munawar said that although the origin of the fire was still a mystery, many similar incidents of fire had occurred in the capital city in the recent past but still no concrete measures were taken to prevent such incidents.
He said despite the fact that the Awami Markaz was situated in the Red Zone of the capital, the fire fighting units failed to extinguish the fire in time.
He said that unfortunately, this was another case of negligence of concerned authorities and the price was being paid by the business community.
The PCA chief claimed, “As a result of this incident, we have lost the infrastructure of at least 25 companies that were bringing millions of rupees in Pakistan every month and were fighting for Pakistan’s place in global IT market.”
He said the government must take the right measures and offer compensation for losses of companies in the fire incident, adding the companies should be helped in restoring their business with the provision of all the necessary support.
He said the concerned authorities should understand the gravity of the situation and take the right measures to help the affectees of Awami Markaz firing incident.


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