Prominent liberal activist blames Mohammad Bin Qasim for Rohingya issue



LAHORE – Prominent Liberal Activist and Socialite-ist, Yajooj Majooj, lashed out at Mohammad bin Qasim for causing the Rohingya issue raging on in Burma.

In a tweetstorm unleashed on Twitter last night, he blamed the 17-year-old Arab general for laying the groundwork of the plight faced by Rohingyas, who are predominantly Muslims, at the hands of the Burmese government.

Had Mohammad bin Qasim refused to entertain the pleas of Muslim women aboard ships sailed near Karachi’s DHA phase VII, the Rohingyas would have been spared the mass killings and genocide unleashed by Burmese military and government-sponsored groups, he argues.

The outrage was apparently caused by some Islamist Twitterati thinking aloud about the need for another Bin Qasim.

Mr. Qasim refused to comment about the story on the record but sources close to him have confirmed his anger regarding the tweets by Mr. Majooj.

Eminent lawyer, WTF, tweeted in support of Mr. Qasim and called him the second founder of Pakistan.

From the other side, Teddy Shearer, an activist based in British Columbia tweeted incessantly in support of Mr. Majooj’s claims.

Pakistan’s highest court has ordered the establishment of a Jaded Islamist Team (JIT) to probe this delicate matter and the report will be presented within the next three millennia.