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Pakistani woman suffers from lecherous behaviour of Pak Embassy official in Thailand

The lecherous behaviour of a Pakistani Embassy official in Thailand created problems for a Pakistani woman who visited the embassy for her passport renewal while she was allegedly sexual harassed.

Talking to the “Online”, Ms Meharwar Ishaq spoke about the sexual harassment she faced at the hands of Pakistani official at Thailand Embassy. Ayaz, currently responsible for machine-readable passport processing, tried to seduce Maharwer Ishaq.

Ms Meharwar had reportedly gone for the renewal of her passport and was surprised over the special treatment. She became worried when she was asked to attend a private meeting after closing time, to discuss her options for a passport renewal. Ayaz explained to her that she would not normally be able to sanction such a renewal but that he would make an exception for her. Meharwar agreed to the meeting due to the pressure she felt within the confines of the embassy but fearing the worst she failed to attend.

However after a series of text and phone conversations, in which Ayaz even threatened to permanently block Meharwar from even applying for a passport, she caved in and agreed to meet on the condition that the topic of discussion would be based on the passport only.

Ayaz set the meeting point at a restaurant, however he bullied her into a car and then took her to several venues before she ended up in a flat. There she was offered a drink that she refused three times despite a very forceful attempt to make her drink it. Throughout her conversation with Ayaz, Meharwar kept bringing him back to her application, a subject he kept ignoring whilst he asked her to be his friend. She was also smacked and threatened during a traumatic incident that resulted in her pushing Ayaz’s shoulders with all her might after he attempted to kiss her.

The force of her push made Ayaz lose his balance and as he fell on a bed Meharwar escaped. She ran towards lift and then had to endure a frightening moment.

Later she submitted written complain on May 29, 2017 at the embassy. The officer is reportedly under investigation in Thailand Embassy.

Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakria is unaware of this incident and said that he will contact the concerned office in this regard.