Will complete inside job on PTI, vows Ayesha Gulalai



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf’s Ayesha Gulalai on Thursday appeared before the media and sought time in order to hire services of a lawyer who would make a legal, logical and commonsensical case for staying in the PTI.

Speaking to journalists outside the Election Commission, she said that she will complete the inside job on her party.

“I’m in the middle of the world’s most open inside job ever, I can’t leave it unfinished,” she said.

Gulalai further stressed that she had no moral reason to leave the party either.

“This party is not property of Imran Niazi” she said and claimed that some other PTI workers were in contact with her and have assured her of their support in completing the task that she has begun.

Meanwhile PTI chairman Imran Khan says the party has survived bigger tests.

“If all that I’ve said and done hasn’t harmed the PTI, how can Gulalai?” he said while talking to The Dependent. “But yes, being the party chairman I won’t allow my authority to be challenged by letting anyone else be self-destructive.

Imran Khan believes that the party does not face any existential threats.

“Imran Khan has got this,” Imran Khan said.