Hujjaj pour into Madina following completion of Hajj rituals


Hujjaj have started pouring into Madina-e-Munawwara following the completion of Hajj rituals to pay respect at Roza-e-Rasool.

Hundreds of buses carrying pilgrims are arriving in the city of Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him] on daily basis.

To ensure smooth flow of traffic, the Saudi government has made special arrangements including the deployment of additional security personnel.

About sixty thousand Pakistani pilgrims who had directly arrived in Makkah and could not visit Madina before Hajj will start arriving in Madina from Saturday.

This year the ministry of religious affairs has arranged over ninety percent accommodation for Hujjaj at five and four-star hotels in Markaziya.

The pilgrims are also visiting other holy sites including Jannatul Baqee, Qaba and Qiblatain mosques and Mount Uhud.