We are being unfairly blamed for others’ faults : PAF chief  


 ISLAMABAD: While addressing a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Martyrs’ Day ceremony at Air Headquarters, Islamabad on Thursday, PAF head Chief Marshal Sohail Aman said, “The result of our commitment and sacrifices should have been encouragements but we are being blamed for the failures of others. We are very committed to peace in the region and are not ready to take the brunt of others’ fiasco.”

The day, 7 September, is observed as a Martyrs’ Day at all the PAF bases throughout the country.

Principal staff officers and a large number of airmen attended the ceremony.

The air chief said, “This day reminds us of the great sacrifices rendered by our heroes who fought against the enemy much bigger in size. While we pay tribute to those gallant air warriors, it is important that we realise the challenges that we face today, he said.

“We would make sure that the successes we have achieved through so many sacrifices are not put to waste at all. Let me make it very clear to all those unfriendly forces surrounding us, do not ever try and venture close to our borders, he said.