Indus Valley School’s ‘mandatory’ interior Sindh trip comes under fire



KARACHI: The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture has come under fire for organising a ‘mandatory’ trip for its textile students to interior Sindh. The trip that begins on September 10, 2017, includes visits to interior Sindh areas such as Sukkur, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Kahirpur and other adjoining areas— when it is a known fact that the security situation within interior Sindh is volatile.

What was even more shocking for the parents was that the permission slip addressed to the parents blatantly stated that the college authorities would not be held responsible if any unforeseen incident happens.

Considering the political and security situation within the region, concerned parents of a textile department student, namely Humna Aslam, sent a legal notice to the college wherein it was mentioned that despite the fact that areas such as Shikarpur and Jacobabad have not only being affected by several terrorist attacks by Lashkar e Jhangvi and ISIS in the recent past, but the entire region has seen an upsurge in terrorist activities lately. To add to this, the month of Muharram is around the corner. The legal notice also mentions that Jacobabad and Shikarpur have been affected by numerous suicide blasts by terrorists during the holy month.

Earlier, the police in charge of Jacobabad also intimated the college that district police could not be made available to ensure the security of the visiting student and faculty members since the authorities are busy preparing for security arrangements for Muharram.

Despite the police notice, the college has not postponed the trip till date.

This ‘mandatory trip’ is not only being termed as unreasonable and irrational by the parents but also shows a complete lack of professionalism on behalf of college authorities.


  1. This report is nothing but a bunch of lies. I don’t know whether it is fabricated to sabotage the tour or defame the other areas of Sindh, except Karachi.
    May I please add that the worst case of terrorism is not the so called interior Sindh but many other areas including Karachi.
    Hasn’t the ‘learned’ reporter read the reports of the involvement of highly qualified teachers, students and professionals belonging to the posterior of Sindh i.e. Karachi, in the terrorist activities?
    Grow up dear, your report may be something but the truth !

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