Hashmi Ispeghol Creations latest branded music program


In what is still, after more than a decade, being dubbed “the revival of the Pakistani music industry,” a new corporate sponsored competitor has arrived on the scene to be the representative of the ‘true’ music of Pakistan.

After the monumental success of Coke Studio, which is currently in its 10th season of production, the folks over at Hashmi Ispaghol decided that there was much room for improvement and that they would be harbingers of this change.

Still in the early stages of its creative incubation, the music recording show, which has been named, “Hashmi Ispaghol Creations” is set to take the stage and television screens by storm.

Speaking to ‘The Dependent,’ CEO of Hashmi Ispaghol, Yasir Hashmi, expressed great hopes for the commercial and critical success of the venture.

“Obviously our main product is ispaghol. We make other things as well, but people know and love Hashmi for the smooth sailing our ispaghol gives to the bowels. We hope that Hasmi Ispaghol Creation will be as iconic as the ispaghol.”

It will not however be as smooth sailing as in the analogy given by Mr Hashmi, while this venture is one of the more high budget ones in the country at the moment, it faces stiff competition from both above and below.

Others such as Coke Studio, Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Mughal Steel Steal The Show, Askari Bank Kamyab Gaana, Nescafe Basement, Strepsils Stereo, Bhayya Kebab Beats, and others have also entered the market and are laying their claims to being the truest yet most modern form of Pakistani  music around.

Besides this, there is of course the top dog Hashmi will have to face and eventually lose to: The Dependent’s own recently launched “Dependent Discography.”