SUP challenges anti-NAB law in SHC


KARACHI: Sindh United Party (SUP) on Wednesday challenged the new provincial law that repeals applicability of the National Accountability Ordinance in Sindh in Sindh High Court (SHC).

SUP leader Zainal Abideen through his counsel Aqib Rajper challenged the law passed by Sindh Assembly that repealed the applicability of NAB Ordinance in Sindh.

Abideen appeared before the court which issued notices to Sindh government and other respondents for September 11.

In his petition, the SUP leader argued that Sindh government wanted to impose a controversial law in the provincial in the garb of provincial autonomy.

He further argued that the law was aimed at protecting corruption of the provincial government hierarchy.

It is pertinent to mention that different opposition parties and civil society organizations have already moved the court against the law.

The SHC has already ordered NAB to continue with its ongoing inquiries and investigation against MPA and bureaucrats over corruption.




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