WWF-Pakistan raises concerns over oil spillage at Clifton beach


KARACHI: WWF-Pakistan has raised concern over oil spillage at Clifton beach on the third day of Eid-ul-Azha, causing environmental pollution, besides making it difficult for the beachgoers and picnickers who throng sea-side on such occasions.

According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, the oil spill has spread between McDonald’s and the Village Restaurant and is reported to extend beyond the Devil’s Point on the Clifton Beach.

On the report of the oil spill, WWF-Pakistan’s team immediately rushed to the area to obtain first-hand information. It is revealed that this oil slick is not widely spread in seaward direction and is restricted to the intertidal area. The oil has already weathered and is emulsified.

Now, the spill is in an advanced process of dilution and does not seem to pose any immediate threat to the marine fauna and flora. However, the people visiting the beach should avoid going there until the water becomes completely free from slick.

It is likely that the oil slick has been developed due to release of oil from oil-reception facilities or has leaked from a ship passing by the area. The oil is ultimately pushed by high monsoon winds and currents finally making its way to the sandy beach at Clifton.

The affected area at Clifton was visited by WWF-Pakistan’s team who reported that the oil is further emulsified that can be seen at the wave break.

According to the team, no damage to marine life was noticed except a few dead fishes, which inhabit shallow waters along the coastline.

However, WWF-Pakistan would caution that there is a need to monitor the affected and adjoining areas. The beaching of the present oil slick at Clifton and earlier at Sandspit in May 2017, requires the concerned authorities to be more vigilant and they should strengthen the mitigation measures.