Pakistanis spent Rs26.5bn on sacrificial animals this Eid


KARACHI: Nearly Rs 26.5 billion were spent by Pakistanis this Eidul Azha to sacrifice an estimated 8.1 million animals, claimed Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) on Tuesday.

According to the stats given by the PTA, 0.3 million cows, 0.4 million goats, 1 million sheep and 0.1 million camels were sacrificed in the country.

PTA officials claimed that due to heat and improper curing, 35 per cent hides and skins are expected to be damaged and the revenue expected to be lost as a result is around Rs2.25 billion.


Most sacrifices in the metropolis were conducted in the District East (over 0.4 million) followed by District Central (over 0.3 million), stated a recently issued report by Karachi Municipal Corporation.

The report also said over 1.5 million animal remains were taken off from the streets of the metropolis in all three days of Eid. However, despite the claims, a heavy presence of animal waste was seen on the roads and streets across the city.

Speaking to a private media outlet Tuesday morning, Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar said that Solid Waste Management comes under the Sindh government, the municipal councils do not have the required capacity to take due action on its own to clean the city.

“We don’t have the required machinery neither we have the capacity,” said the mayor.