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‘Pakistan committed to eradicating terrorism’

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the month of September has a unique importance in the history of the country because the armed forces of Pakistan have given befitting reply to the enemy during the war of September 1965 and forced it to retreat. The officers and soldiers of the armed forces, which were full of passion for the defence of the country, defeated the enemy and failed its nefarious designs.

In his message on the Defence of Pakistan Day, the CM said that the Defence Day reminds us of great bravery, valour and invaluable passion of the nation as well as the armed forces of Pakistan and the whole nation pays tributes to those martyrs and veterans who rendered great sacrifices for the defence of the country. He said that brave officers and soldiers are successfully defending the internal and external frontiers by following the footprints of their forefathers. Besides continuous monitoring of naval, aerial and physical boundaries, the armed forces have also played unforgettable role against terrorism and the unique solidarity shown by the political and military leadership for the total destruction of terrorism is a bright chapter in the national history.

The Chief Minister further said that the government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) made the national defence impregnable by successful atomic explosions in 1998. He said that Pakistani nation, armed forces and law enforcement agencies are fully committed to eradicating terrorism and today, we should make a sovereign pledge that we shall defeat internal and external threats the same way we defeated the enemy in the war of 1965.

Meanwhile, Shehbaz Sharif left for London from Lahore on Tuesday, where he will stay for 3 days and enquire about the health of his sister-in-law Kalsoom Nawaz.


The Punjab CM has strongly condemned the attack on the caravan of security forces in Panjgor, Balochistan. He said that Lt. Col. Amir Waheed, Lance Naik Masood and Sepoy Irfan have embraced martyrdom in the line of duty and added that the martyrs are our heroes and their great sacrifices will be rewarded. He said that the whole nation pays tributes to immortal sacrifices and bravery of the martyrs and they are proud of them. He further said that the terrorists will meet their logical end due to the unity and determination of the nation.

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