People start returning to Capital after Eid holidays | Pakistan Today

People start returning to Capital after Eid holidays

ISLAMABAD: People have started coming back to the federal capital after celebrating the Eid holidays with families in their hometowns that has caused increasing crowds at bus stations of the city.

The government had announced official holidays from Friday to Monday which ended today.

Arslan Zahid, coming from Bahawalpur, said he went to his father’s home on last Friday and coming back now to join his duty. “This year I booked seats in advance to avoid rush hours and hassle of non-availability of seats”, he stated.

Another commuter said transporters were charging extra fares as they knew people were compelled to book seats.

He further said authorities should take proper steps to stop this black mailing from the transport mafia who were taking advantage of people grievances and putting an extra burden on their pockets.

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