Khursheed Shah says Pakistan paid a heavy price in war against terrorism


SUKKUR: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly (NA) Khursheed Shah has said that Pakistan has paid a heavy price in the war against terrorism and asked the international community to recognise these sacrifices.

Addressing an Eid gathering in Sukkur on Sunday, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader said that “Pakistan has been fighting terrorism from the start and the world needs to be reminded of its sacrifices in the war against terrorism,” and added that about 20,000 soldiers and 60,000 civilians have lost their lives in the fight.

“We need to think why the United States is always threatening Pakistan,” he said.

He also said that Pakistan spent Rs 12,500 billion for the elimination of terrorism and added that “if this money was spent in the country then Pakistan would have become a prosperous nation.”

On the electricity crisis he said that the price of electricity was Rs 8 per unit during the tenure of PPP but under the current government, the price is Rs 14 per unit. “We want electricity price to be reduced and we want the tariff of the PPP government,” he said.

Lamenting the country’s situation, Shah said that the country is in chaos and when ministers threaten institutions, it makes the state weaker. “There are evident differences between the state’s institutions. Even after all of this, the former prime minister asks the public what he did wrong,” he remarked.