80-year-old Pakistani pilgrims living example of true friendship

MINA: Two Pakistani pilgrims have set a real example of true friendship. Ejaz Dalali Ahmad and Ahmad Dalo Raj, both over 80 years old, decided to perform Hajj together.
They made a promise to one another decades ago that they would raise money and go to Hajj together. What makes the lifetime journey all the more interesting is that Ahmed Dalo Raj is blind; he lost his sight many years ago. Saudi newspaper Saudi Gazette published their photographs and carried a detailed interview of the two.
When they finally made it to Makkah, the two friends showed the world that even at this age they could depend on each other. Raj, who is totally blind, was completely dependant on his friend, Ahmed for guidance and direction.
The two close friends from Pakistan waited for 25 years to perform Hajj together. Ahmed refused to perform Hajj alone and insisted that his long time friend, Raj accompanied him.
“I always had enough money to meet the Hajj costs but my friend Raj did not. So I had to wait for him for about 25 years until he had collected sufficient funds needed for the pilgrimage,” Ahmed said.
“My friend Raj is blind. We were together since our early childhood. We agreed to do the Hajj together when we were both 55 years old but it took him about 25 years to save the amount of money needed,” Ahmed said.
Raj depended completely on Ahmed during the Hajj rituals in Makkah and the holy sites. “Ahmed is the guide on whom I depend on, to go to the tent, the toilet, the Jamarat and other places,” he said.
Raj said he could not thank Ahmed enough because he waited for him for a long time until he was able to save for Hajj, and also for guiding him.
“Ahmed is my eyes by which I can see. He is the stick I am using to find my way. He is the power on which I lean. He has always been a faithful and a loyal friend to me,” he said.