Decision of Benazir’s murder case extremely disappointing: Farhatullah Babar


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Farhatullah Babar, while speaking on a private TV show on Thursday, said that the decision to acquit 5 in the Benazir Bhutto murder case has been extremely disappointing and that the party would utilise its legal right to appeal the decision.

When asked about the reaction of the party with respect to the decision, Farhatullah Babar said that a session was held at Zardari House in Islamabad to formulate a plan going forward. He said that no justice has been done in the decision as all five of the acquitted were linked to Al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), based on some very strong evidence. He said that the decision was highly surprising and a victory for Al-Qaeda militants.

Two police officers were also sentenced after conviction, over negligence shown in handling the scene of crime and evidence. Babar questioned the conviction. It has no investigation or evidence in relation to the directives given to them from a senior officer, he said.

He stressed that the ultimate authority at the time was of Pervez Musharraf, who told Benazir Bhutto to not come to Pakistan. He said that Benazir said multiple times that she felt threatened by Musharraf.

He said that the decision will not stand in law and asked the government to appeal against it.



  1. main killer of Benazir is asif ali zardari because he was known if she become prime minister of pakistan she take action on corruption and finish all types of corruption from pakistan so that but i won’t say anything ahead of it and i hope you have been understand my point thanks and one more thing i want to say that the bigger corruption in pakistan is pakistani awan so first improve yourselves then goverment

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