Catwalk with sacrificial animals un-Islamic: Hafiz Hamdullah


ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs Chairman Hafiz Hamdullah on Wednesday said that catwalk of models and other citizens with sacrificial animals is unethical and un-Islamic.

The senator, in a letter written to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) chairman has demanded an immediate action against television channels that promote this ‘unethical and un-Islamic’ practice.

“In number of segments being telecast by various television channels, some models and other people are shown busy in catwalk with sacrificial animals which is against ethics and Islamic norms.

Therefore, PEMRA should take immediate action against this practice,” the letter written to chairman of PEMRA stated.

Hafiz Hamdullah has highlighted that the spiritual importance of sacrificing animals reminds us the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail. “Sacrificing animals to win Allah’s benediction is a religious and sacred duty. But, the television channels are disgracing this religious obligation through catwalks.”

In his letter he questioned the chairman of PEMRA if such programming wasn’t aginst Islamic norms and values. “What message these few people want to convey to general public through dancing and catwalk with sacrificial animals? Why was an action not yet taken against this practice?”

Hamdullah also mentioned relevant clauses of Code of Ethics for cable operators and electronic media which forbid telecast of material against the Ideology of Pakistan and Islamic teachings.