France urges Britain to clarify position on key Brexit issues


The French Foreign Ministry on Monday called on Britain to clarify its position on sensitive issues at the center of the ongoing Brexit negotiation.

During a regular press briefing, the ministry’s spokesperson reaffirmed that discussions on the future relationship between the European Union (EU) and Britain”will only be possible if sufficient progress has been made under the first phase of the negotiations.”

“It is up to the UK to move forward on delicate issues — citizens’ rights, borders, financial regulation,” said the spokesperson.

France would like to see a “real clarification of the British position” on these issues come out of the third round of Brexit talk between the EU and Britain, which kicked off in Brussels on Monday.

The spokesperson also stressed that there’s only “one sole negotiator” on the EU side, adding that the 27 member states have agreed on “simple principles to safeguard the interests and unity of Europeans, including the organization of negotiations in separate phases.”

Recent media reports said that France would like to begin trade talks with Britain as early as next month, but the EU has warned that the schedule could be delayed if the deadlock on key issues is not broken.