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FATA to stand with Pakistan against US aggression

LANDITKOL: Tribal elders and political party leaders of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on Sunday warned the United States (US) President Donald Trump that people of FATA will repeat their history to once again fight against the foreign aggression if America made a mistake of violating Pakistan’s boundaries.

A large number of religious figures, leaders of political parties and tribal elders participated in the anti-Donald Trump jirga held in Landikotal Jirga Hall, where they delivered blood warming speeches.

The speakers said that the US president Trump should think before taking any decision against Pakistan. They notified Donald Trump to not view Pakistan as a weak country like Afghanistan or any other Gulf country that America takeover and occupy. They reiterated that ten million tribal people would fight alongside with the armed forces at the front line to defend Pakistan’s boundaries.

Speaking on the occasion, Awami National Party (ANP) senior leader Malik Darya Khan said that tribal people always supported Pakistan and played a vital role while defending its solidarity and integrity. He said they want friendly and cordial relations with neighbouring Afghanistan but if its soil was used to attack Pakistan, then they would have the right to support Pakistan’s armed forces and go deep into Afghanistan.

Landikotal Assistant Political Agent Niaz Muhammad and Political Tehsildar Tehseenullah in their addresses said that Pakistani citizens, the government and Pakistan army were in the same pitch and would not allow any foreigner to violate their boundaries.

The officials thanked tribal people for their unity and solidarity with the Pakistani nation and said that it is time tested that they always rendered sacrifices for Pakistan.

Other speakers including Malik Abdur Razaq Afridi, Maulana Shoaib Shinwari, Masal Khan Shinwari, Abdur Razzaq Shinwari, JUI-F leader Maulana Mujahid Shinwari reaffirmed that tribal people were loyal to their country and will defend it any cost. They urged the rest of the FATA people to arrange anti-US walks and demonstration in their respective areas.

The jirga also passed a resolution that they would arrange a Pakistan solidarity walk from Charwazgai check post in Landikotal to Pak-Afghan border Torkham on Monday, where they would stage a protest in demonstration against the US president Trump and his anti-Pakistan statement.

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