Two women of a family gang-raped near Multan’s picnic point



According to reports by a television channel, two women belonging to the same family have been allegedly gang raped by five men in the outskirts of Multan.

According to initial reports the women were on their way to a family picnic when they were stopped by armed robbers near Head Mohammad Wala who initially took away all their valuables and later subjected the women passengers to sexual assault on gun point.

Police sources claim that an FIR has been registered against the robbers charging them of rape and robbery. The police has set up a team to probe the incidence and to bring the robbers to justice.

A man had set himself on fire in Faisalabad yesterday as a protest after Athara Hazari police set free the accused who had allegedly raped his wife.

The 28 year old man named Safdar Hussain was rushed to Faisalabad’s Allied Hospital where he was under treatment. The doctors claimed that 70% of his body had been burnt.