Qatar, Iran patch up new radical ideology as foundation of expanding alliance


DOHA/TEHRAN: After restoring full diplomatic relations with Iran on Thursday, Qatar has started work on ‘patching up a new radical ideology’ in the region as foundation of this growing alliance, The Dependent has learnt.

According to reports, hardline clerics from both countries are coming together to create an ideology that would help bind the two together and in turn expand this alliance in the Middle East.

“The aim is to disregard the current demands of Arab nations and let’s see if some of them could be wooed to join our camp,” one of the members of the ideology formation committee told The Dependent.

“We have been tasked to come up with a radical ideology, to rival those existing in the region, that would help as cover for regional disputes between energy-rich countries and the geopolitical tussles that exist between them,” he added.

In announcing its decision, Qatar did not mention all that is ideologically common between Doha and the Gulf Arab nations, and how much it would now ideologically overlap with Tehran.

“We have been tasked to go far, but not till a point of no return,” another member of the committee revealed. “Basically the ideology has to be brutal, deadly and absolutely inflexible, except that it can be moulded should the regional interests evolve.”