New metro bus route to be completed by November


ISLAMABAD: National Highway Authority (NHA) spokesman Kashif Zaman told APP on Monday that the construction work of 25.6 kilometres Peshawar Mor—New Islamabad Airport Metro Bus Service is going smoothly and it is expected that the project would be completed by November this year.

He said that to ensure timely completion of the 15 billion rupees project, it has been divided into four packages including Package-I from Peshawar Mor to NUST, Package-II from NUST to GT Road, Package-III from GT Road to Motorway Interchange and Package-IV from Motorway Interchange to New airport.

He said that on Package-I, over 55 per cent civil work has been completed while its electro-mechanical works are at the procurement stage. As far as Package-II is concerned, it’s 30 per cent civil work has been completed and the electromechanical works are at the procurement stage. He added that on Package-III, 19 per cent civil work is completed while the electromechanical works are at the procurement stage.  On Package-IV 72 per cent progress has been achieved on civil works and the electromechanical works are at procurement stage, he said.

The length of Package-I is 8 kilometres, length of Package-II is 3.8 kilometres, length of Package-III is 8.3 kilometres while Package-IV is 5.5 kilometres long.

Giving a breakup of the package-wise expenditure of the project, he said that the cost of the four packages would be Rs 6.58 billion, 5.5 billion, Rs 1.38 billion and 1.63 billion respectively.

The NHA spokesman said that the work on Packages-IV had started in June last year, on Package-III in March this year and work on packages I and II started in April 2017.

The project will have 9 bus stations including NHA Station, G-10 Station, NUST Station, G-1 Station, GT Road Station, Badana Kalan Station, M1-M2 Junction Station and Airport Station. The project will have 12 bridges, 26 culverts and 11 underpasses.