Wearing woolen headwear during summer growing cause of revolution: study


ISLAMABAD – Wearing woolen headwear during summer is a growing cause of revolutionary infection, a report issued by a leading scientific institute has confirmed.

The findings at Minhaj Institute of Technology (MIT) reveal that if you wear woolen headwear like beanies, or anything similarly thick, there is a change that you might eventually be diagnosed with revolution.

“The chances are further multiplied by a factor of 1.8 if you wear thick uppers like jackets, blazers, coats, etc,” says MinahilMaqsood, a senior researcher at MIT. “These in turn are further enhanced by 327% percent if the thickness of the headwear matches the thickness of subject’s head.”

“If the combined thickness is deep enough, it can allow revolutionary bacteria that normally live on the skin, or potentially dangerous pathogens to penetrate deeper layers where they don’t belong,” said dermatologist Naveed Majeed.

Experts further advise that in case wearing thick clothes in the summer is inevitable, owing to maintaining a look where the timing of the revolution is out of one’s hand, it is important that the patients don’t move between significantly contrasting temperatures.

“A sudden shift from Toronto to Lahore, for instance, could aggravate the infection to dangerous levels,” says HinaZahoor from the MIT. “Not just for oneself, but also for those one is in contact with.”