Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to also serve as interim Asian Tiger


ISLAMABAD – Having asked Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, the long-term Asian Tiger, as per the IMF, ADB, WHO, WTF, LNG, BBC, LPC, OMG, and other leading economic institutions of the world, to take a much deserved rest, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will also serve as the interim Asian Tiger, The Dependent has learnt.

Dar who has been the permanent Asian Tiger, and will complete his tiger tenure till 2018, will only enjoy the honorary title, while PM Abbasi does all the tiger bits in reality.

“Right now PM Abbasi is the lion, tiger, panther, jaguar – he’s all members of the Felidae carnivoran family,” says a source within the PM House wishing anonymity. “But unfortunately, he’s still not a member of the Sharif family.”

According to reports, Dar will retain all the tiger stamps, magnets, and souvenirs he had collected as part of his tours as the Asian Tiger.

However, he won’t be allowed to use them till at least after the 2018 elections, depending on who becomes the long-term Asian Tiger.

“Mr Dar is addicted to hunting so it’s unlikely that he would be okay with just being the honorary Asian Tiger for too long,” reveals another source close to the development.