Murderer and murdered both sides contribute to murder: Trump


NEW YORK– Citing his own example as a case of someone choosing not to be murdered, US President Donald Trump has once again defended the act of murder, laying the blame for the violence equally on what he called the “alt-murdered”.

The remarks, made during a press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, were Trump’s latest attempt to explain the volatility that had engulfed America since last weekend.

Saying murderer has culprits “on many sides”, Trump reiterated that both the murderer and the murdered contribute to the act of murder.

“I’m not putting anybody on a moral plane,” he said. “You have a group on one side and group on the other and they unite in one common act – there is another side, you can call them the alt-murdered, that come violently towards the murderer to result in the murder,” he said.

However, Trump said he wasn’t giving a moral judgement on either of the two groups.

“You have people that are very fine people on both sides. Not all those people who murder are bad guys and not all those people who are murdered are good guys,” he clarified, adding “and vice versa” to a chorus of boos.

Even so, the US President was quick to condemn the act of killing.

“Killing someone is a bad bad thing, but there are always two sides to a bad thing – always remember that,” he said. “It’s like a coin. There’s one side that’s right there in front of you, and the other side for which you have to flip. I’m just saying, sometimes it’s okay not to flip.”