CM inaugurates hepatitis filter clinic in DHQ Hospital


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated the hepatitis filter clinic at District Headquarters Hospital Kasur, today. He inspected different sections of the clinic and examined various facilities offered to the patients. He was also given a briefing about the quality of healthcare facilities available for the patients. While talking to the doctors and other staff, the CM said that the healthcare administration should work tirelessly for the benefit of the ailing humanity. The treatment of hepatitis is beyond the capacity of the community; therefore, the government will fulfill the obligation and the patients will not face any difficulty in their treatment, he added.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony of the hepatitis filter clinic in Kasur, the CM said that hepatitis is a dangerous disease which has affected ten per cent of the population. He told that the Punjab government has adopted latest measures to eliminate this disease in an organised manner. We are committed to completely eradicating this disease and therefore, the scope of hepatitis filter clinics is being extended to all the districts of the province. He said that 25 hepatitis filter clinics will be established where free medicines along with free of charge treatment will be provided.

He further said that the establishment of a hepatitis filter clinic equipped with the latest medical facilities is an important initiative of the provincial government and it will help to eliminate this disease. He said that no one would go on strike, nor any sort of blackmailing is possible in these clinics. Here, the hepatitis patients will be treated in a respectable manner. I am sure that the elements involved in strikes would realise the importance of servicing the ailing humanity.

He said that the hepatitis filter clinic established in Kasur is no less in quality than the filter clinic of Lahore. Most of the doctors and other staff belong to Kasur and it is hoped that they will provide medical facilities to their brothers and sisters of the area with full commitment and passion, he said.

He said that he is thankful to PITB Chairman Dr Umer Saif and his team for devising a digital system for the hepatitis filter clinics with hard work. He also thanked the Infrastructure Development Authority of Punjab for making this filter clinic.

He said that those who have talked about change and making a new Pakistan should observe these developments.