Kendall Jenner goes Sci Fi for Adidas

The advertisement campaign named “Original is never finished” certainly lives up to the name of the product it’s designed to sell. In the ad,we can see Kendall in a glass capsule wearing bottoms paired with her Adidas kicks, showing off her model body.

The scene is set against imagery of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man, making us wonder if this is an ad for shoes or a glimpse at what the apocalyptic future looks like.

To the back drop of Sinatra’s classic “My Way,” basket baller Harden floats in what looks like a pool of Gatorade and ice and there’s a blow-up Statue of Liberty that could’ve come straight out of Coachella. The gold-embellished blazers are giving us some serious fall wardrobe inspiration.

Kendall steals the show which was obvious and rocks in some classic Adidas gear and surviving a torrential pitchfork downfall.

While the reality star is first pictured in a cropped white tee and matching Originals, she changes into a more athletic ensemble, sporting head-to-toe black decorated with those iconic Adidas stripes.