Nawaz files watertight SC review petitions entitled ‘mujhay kyun nikala’ and ‘mera kya qasoor tha’


ISLAMABAD – Two of the three petitions filed by ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday in the Supreme Court to review and stay further implementation of the Panamagate verdict that disqualified him are entitled ‘mujhay kyun nikaala’ and ‘mera kya qasoor tha’, The Dependent has learnt.

The appeal was submitted by Nawaz’s lawyer Khawaja Harris, with legal experts suggesting that the five-member apex bench that took the unanimous July 28 decision last month is expected to struggle in dealing with the ‘watertight’ applications.

“I would be surprised if the review petitions don’t leave the judges absolutely speechless,” says a former Supreme Court judge. “There is absolutely no legal way to counter these applications – other than what the judges have already said and written in their judgments.”

According to reports, the third of the three applications has called for the court to stay further implementation of the Panamagate judgement until “answers satisfactory to either Nawaz Sharif, or any member of the Sharif family, are provided”.

Harris, along with the review petition, has submitted relevant documents: a compilation of all videos that have Nawaz Sharif asking these questions in varying pitches and MCQ sheets giving the judges 4 choices for each question.

Nawaz, through his appeal, has argued that the July 28 decision should have answered his questions and if he hasn’t been answered in over two weeks since, the only explanation is that the answers haven’t been provided.

“Signing the final order of the court without a sentence along the lines of ‘dunya ke azeem tareen wazeer-e-azam ka yeh qasoor tha’ or ‘dilon ke wazeer-e-azam ko iss liye nikaala’ is unprecedented,” reads the review petition, a copy of which is available with The Dependent.