14th of August eve: Lahore in pictures


Lahore is in full celebration mode as the country celebrates its 71st independence day today.

Flag hoisting ceremonies are taking place at provincial capitals, district headquarters and important national institutions.

All the major public and private buildings, roads and avenues have been decorated with illuminations, national flags, portraits of the national leaders, banners and buntings to mark the day.

As always, the trees on main canal bank road were radiating green and white on the eve of 14th August, while children, adults had all come out to join the freedom party in their finest patriotic gear and charged spirit!

From Main Boulevard, Lahore, to the Canal Bank to Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore last night looked beautiful. Below are some of the pictures we gathered from all over the social media:

The Canal Bank road was looking as pretty as it does on each Independence day, with trees lit up with an array of colours







There was a spectacular display of fireworks around the Arfa Tower, with the tower illuminated in the colours of the national flag.





Every other place in the city was practically lit up in vibrant colours





An aerial view of the Minar-e-Pakistan, sitting royal in green and white!




Last but definitely not the least, the magnificent display of fireworks at the Badshahi Mosque just took the cake!



Picture courtesy: Twitter


  1. lahore reminds the history of 1965 war. the role of people was was an extraordinary one.- one can say LAHORE, LAHORE EY. VERY FINE.

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