The independence dream


    From reality and back


    No doubt, we have come far as a nation, and there are many positives that make us proud. We are gifted with abundant resources, both natural and human, that make us capable of overcoming all odds and acquiring greatness as a nation in every possible way




    For more than a century, independence was a merely a dream for the people living in the sub-continent, particularly for the Muslims, as Hindus were already accustomed to being ruled, first under the great Mughal Empire and later on by the British. For Muslims, under the British tyranny, all hope was lost. For them, the British rule of Indian Sub-continent was a path constantly leading them into the darkness of slavery, and suppression. During this time, several movements raised voice in favour of freedom and independence, but none bore fruit and all were in vain, until a great philosopher and ideologue had a dream for independence, which then gave birth to a leader who would lead the millions to translate this dream into reality.

    Iqbal’s vision for an independent Muslim homeland, backed by his fierce poetry once again gave life to the dying hope for freedom, and Jinnah’s dynamic leadership led the inspired mob of millions to their destination; the land we today call Pakistan. This country was a true representation of dreams, and countless sacrifices of an enslaved past, together with the hopes for a bright, progressive, prosperous and independent future. Even today, a peak through the window into the past fills us with pride, honour and dignity to have this gifted land of Pakistan. After all, not many nations enslaved share the same fate as us.

    70 years down the road of independence, it appears that this road has led us again to from where we started the journey i.e. slavery, subjugation and suppression. This time of course not at the hands of foreign comrades, but through our own moral, political, and social corruption. Usually we associate corruption only with the power patterns in our society, generally comprising of Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Military officials, not to say that this is not true, unfortunately. However, corruption is one dirty fish that dirt’s the entire pond, not just a particular section of it. We fail to realise that as a nation we are a victim of corruption at all levels, not just political or administrative.

    While political and administrative corruption have always received the due acknowledgement at national level, moral & social corruption is a reality we keep ignoring, and has equally led to our downfall. Throwing trash on the road, violating traffic signals, not paying due taxes, killing in the name of honour, lying and deceiving, and many more are certainly not derivatives of political corruption, rather moral, and we ourselves are responsible for it. Yet it has become a habit to blame the power patterns alone for all the trouble, and ignoring our part in it. We blame the politicians; the politicians blame the bureaucrats and military, and so on and so forth. We find ourselves enslaved by this vicious cycle of absolving ourselves of our duties, and blaming others for it.

    Independence and freedom, yet again, seem to have become a dream for us. We have a land, but we miss a just and equal system in which unity, faith, and discipline would be the guiding principles. There is great talk and debate on existing problems, but none of us take ownership of their solutions.

    No doubt, we have come far as a nation, and there are many positives that make us proud. We are gifted with abundant resources, both natural and human, that make us capable of overcoming all odds and acquiring greatness as a nation in every possible way. Pakistan is the only Muslim country that has acquired nuclear status, and hosts nuclear weapons, which together with professionally acclaimed armed forces make the defence of the motherland invincible. Democracy, finally, seems to be finding ground for itself in Pakistan with the third parliament ready to complete its five year tenure. Free and independent media has played a significant role in educating, and creating awareness among the public regarding democratic principles, and progressive social values, along with global geo-political scenario. It has also paved way for accountability at all levels. Judiciary at present is in aggressive persuasion of establishing supremacy of law and constitution in the country. Pakistan is emerging as a promising economy on the global arena, and its potential is being acknowledged by international players. Landmark strategic projects in collaboration with longing friend and neighbour, China, such as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and Gawadar Port signify Pakistan’s geo-strategic significance.  Institutions, more than personalities, remain the highlight of our national accomplishments in aforementioned arenas. Last but not the least, it is imperative here to remind ourselves of the fact that public is also a part of the system itself, and has the potential to emerge as a significant difference maker, provided there is a realisation and urge to contribute to the system. It is obligatory upon the general public to step forward and play a meaningful role in taking the country forward.

    Not to say that the system has acquired perfection in its functionality, but it has the much needed kick-start and finally seems to be on the right track, continuing on which the future of Pakistan will certainly be a different story than the past. Consistency in democratic politics, policies, and institutional revival and strengthening, however, remain mandatory pre-requisites for a prosperous future.

    As a society and a system, we all have our individual roles and responsibilities to fulfil. Let us stop blaming each other, and take responsibility for what is, and what will be. Let us put an end to corruption at all levels. Let us all put in our little bits, and add to the greater picture of Pakistan. Let us reacquire our lost dream of true Independence and freedom.


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