LESCO superintendent has set ‘bribe rate’ for citizens’ legitimate work


LESCO’s Line Superintendents has set a ‘bribe rate’ for the citizens’ legitimate work as he demanded a one lakh rupee bribe to replace the electricity poles in front of the local’s houses in Kot Lakhpat Division.

A resident of 158-A Pak Arab Housing Scheme, Mohammad Sarwar, requested LESCO Kot Lakhpat division, subdivision Hamza Town’s line superintendent Tariq Mayo to order the removal of the electricity pole from the front of his house as already three people have been electrocuted because of it.

“The superintendent responded by saying ‘sir, this isn’t something that can be done for free, if you want the pole to be relocated, you’ll have to pay one lakh rupees because our seniors need to approve the relocation of the pole and they need some ‘incentive.’ If you don’t want to pay the amount, then you’ll have to live with the pole being there’,” Sarwar said.

After listening to the superintendent, Sarwar responded by saying that he would complain to the senior officers. To this, the superintendent said, “Do whatever you want; the pole will not be relocated until the amount is paid.”

After the behaviour of Mayo, Sarwar went to register a complaint against the superintendent. Sarwar, after the complaint (complaint no: WMS.LHR/0003792 17) was registered, Sarwar was promised that the pole would be relocated in 45 days. But, Mayo refused to act upon the orders and did not reposition the pole.

Another resident, Rana Shahzad, said that some people have fixed a bribery rate with Tariq Mayo; due to which their monthly electricity bill does not cross 8,000-10,000, even though they sit under the AC 24 hours a day. “The superintendent receives four to five thousand rupees from every such house per month. Those who fail to pay Mayo, they are charged with more money than the actual bill,” he said. “We have complained countless times but to no avail. No action has been taken against him,” he said.

After receiving countless complaints against Mayo, LESCO Director Headquarters Saqib Jamal ordered an inquiry into the matter.