Still haven’t hired Sheikh Rasheed as chapraasi: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD – Outlining his credentials as Sadiq, Amin, Nisar, Raja and other Aitchison College mates, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has reiterated that sticking to his vow from 2005 he still hasn’t hired Awami Muslim League (AML) Chairman Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed as his chaprasi.

Addressing a press conference in a local hotel, Khan thanked everyone who dug out his video clips from over a decade ago to prove his honesty and integrity.

“The thing with being an honest, steadfast and incorruptible man is that many times you forget your own examples of honesty, steadfastness and incorruptibility,” Khan said while talking to the media.

“So it is always a pleasant surprise when people dig out your videos and statements from ages ago that prove that you’ve stuck to your word like a rock.”

Khan said his continued refusal to hire Sheikh Rasheed as his chaprasi was the single biggest example of consistent policymaking in all of South Asia.

“It is a region destroyed by nepotism and dynastic politics. But I’m not having any of it,” Khan said. “I mean Sheikh is a dear friend of mine now, in fact I even nominated him as the PTI’s Prime Minister candidate recently, but no just because we’re close I’m not going to hire him as my chapraasi.”

Khan added that he believed in merit and every chapraasi he has hired in his life has merited that position.

“Just like my friend Sheikh merited the PM nomination for a voting he was never going to win, or just like I merit the actual PM position next year,” Khan added.